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Flyladies and Flybabies Community's Journal
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Date:2009-04-05 12:49
Subject:Lets share our creativity !

What is your best/ most creative/ thrifty decorating/ organizing trick?

Mine: I have an empty square box of tissues that matches my kitchen, it is where I keep plastic shopping bags. While they are useful this ensures that I can't keep to many, and it looks great in the kitchen!

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Date:2008-11-02 18:51
Subject:FLYing again

I started Flying this summer, and it fell by the wayside when I my depression and anxiety acted up again. So now my house is in total CHAOS again. It's BAD. After many med changes I am beginning to feel better, and feel like I can, again, try digging out of this mess, and starting habits that will assist me in not getting this far stuck in a hole again. For a week now I have slowly been attempting to do very small things.
Today , again, shined my sink, and did a load of laundry, I went through TONS of mail, and did a 27 fling boogie, and ran the dish washer. I stuck to the 15 min rule. 15 mins of work, followed by a . Rince a repeat a few times if you will.
Have any of you fallen off the wagon and had to get back on?
Any advice for staying on it this time?
Any other fly babies struggling with depression and/ or anxiety? How do you make it work?
Have a lovely night,

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Date:2008-06-28 16:45
Subject:grrrr roommates!

I'm totally frustrated with my roommate.
Background: I recently bought a house. I have never been good at cleaning. Frankly I suck at it. It has never been something i have had any urge to do... but a few weeks ago I became totally overwhelmed and was so sick and tired of living and CHAOS, that I decided to make a change.
I'm still new to the Fly Lady was of life, and there are still things that are a challenge, but I'm doing OK...

Right now I'm totally frustrated with my roommate though. She does not clean. Period. SHe has had many days off, and has spent time cleaning her room, but not any of the common area. Not any of the boxes in dining room that i have asked and asked and asked for her to take care of. Earlier this month she assured me she was going to clean to shower and tub after she dyed her hair "there is no point in cleaning the tub before I dye my hair, it will just get gross again." I believed her and have patient been waiting for her to dye and clean. Well today I come home from work to find black hair dye everywhere in the bathroom sink (that I have been swiping at least every other day) and hair dying gloves in the shower, and no... the tub and shower have not been taken care of!!!

I'm so frustrated! She is a friend of mine, but this is totally making me have rather homicidal thoughts about her! It also sort of is the icing on the cake. There are plenty of other things i have to ask her to do again and again and again.

I just don't know what to do anymore! I'm not good at the confrontation thing. I have asserted myself about this a few times already. I just don't know what do do next! How do you flybabies deal with situations like this?

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Date:2008-05-28 19:31
Subject:I *think* I'm ready to FLY

I just shined my first sink!
It was anxiety provoking to start I admit. I had lots of pots and pans to clean that had been sitting my my sink.
They are done!!!

I also would like to ask if there are any other green FLY babies out there. I have been working very hard on decreasing my footprint on the world, and intend on using all natural products during this process... and cheap ones too. I'm VERY house poor right now!

To shine my sink I used apple cider vinegar (ACV) that has had sun with cloves in it and baking soda. It smells wonderful, is antimicrobial (cloves) and a natural disinfectant (ACV). The baking soda acts is abrasive, so it helped me really get the gunk out of my sink.

I also will be using newspaper scraps to shine my mirror in my morning. Apparently it works better then paper towel and doesn't leave any streaks of fuzz. I have yet to try this method out, but will give you a report if you'd like.

Are there any other green FLY babies out there? Do you have tips for me? How do you work being green into your FLY routines?

I *think* I'm ready to FLY

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Date:2008-05-11 13:43
Subject:Getting stuff done!!
Mood: cheerful

I've got to say that adding the 27 fling boogy and the shining the sink were great ideas for the Chore Wars. I'm much more motivated to do them now that I get points for doing it! I'm up to level 5 now as of today. I'm proud of us all for actually doing stuff!
For those of you that aren't playing, here's an invitation code
Or if you want to check it out first, here's the main page of the Chore Wars site....

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Date:2008-04-15 15:43
Subject:I added a couple adventures to Chore Wars

Just two, but I'll work on more! And for those of you who aren't playing Chore Wars with us, feel free to join us!


If anyone needs an invitation code, just post here and one of the Declutter Pirates will be happy to send you one! Arrrrrrrrr

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Date:2008-01-22 11:55
Subject:First Ever Fly Lady post!

So this week, I took advantage of having a day off to make a Big Push in cleaning out my office/craft room…

Finally got the old computer taken apart and boxed up. Will ship to its new home this week. The shipping cost is going to be Large…But then I calculate home much it would have cost me to actually BUY the computer all those years ago. Instead, since it was a gift/long term loan, I am happy to pay the shipping cost now in exchange for several years of free happy computing.

Gave real thought to the ways I am most successful in cleaning. Since I have a naturally tendency towards Sorting, I went with that. I think this might be like the Zones idea…but in my case it’s by Type of Mess. Is there a name for that? I dragged out some large Rubbermaid bins, a big trash can, and a cardboard box. Keep, Donate, Sell, Trash, and Recycling. I worked two solid hours yesterday and, although it would probably be hard for others to see the difference, **I** can tell.

Had to move the bins/etc. back into the room last night (out of the hallway) as we ended up with overnight company, but those puppies are coming back out after work and I’m going to continue to plug away. My deal with myself: no new furniture or shelving or any other "helpful" organizing purchases until I’ve actually downsized some of the crap.

Cute moment: yesterday, as I was zooming down the stairs, dropping cables in the shipping box, grabbing bins, etc., and running back upstairs, my husband yelled out, "Fly, Lady! Fly!!!"

It's nice to have support from the Home Team.

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Date:2008-01-18 23:34
Subject:Flying Backwards

I have some furniture I'm "inheriting" coming on Tuesday. Until then, I'll be doing some zone work, combined with a bunch of 15 min decluttering sessions. I can't really clean anything until I get rid of all of this clutter. I know that now. Before, I would just try to organize the clutter and apparently, you can't do that.

So, here starts my 4th or 6th time restarting the program. Each time I learn something new, either something about myself, or develop a habit that works for me. This time, I WILL maintain my routines. (Or at least try?)

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Date:2007-09-28 09:18


I'm Tiffany and I'm a full time student. Right now I'm working on an evaluation paper for my English class and I'm doing it on the Fly Lady program :) I need some help though. If you could take a few minutes to complete this 10 question survey I would really appreciate it. I need at least 20 people to complete it, so please do it if you can. Thank you in advance!

1. How did you find out about Fly Lady?

2. How long have you been a part of the Fly Lady program?

3. What do you like best about the program?

4. How do you think the program could improve?

5. Do you feel like the instructions and activities are helpful? If so, what makes them helpful?

6. Do you feel inspired by the testimonials and attitude of Fly Lady? If so, what inspires you most?

7. Do you feel that this program is supportive? If so, how does it support you?

8. Who do you think can benefit from this program and why?

9. Have you purchased any books or items from Fly Lady? If so, how do you like them and are they helpful?

10. Have you tried any other programs before this? If so, do you feel like Fly Lady is better and why?

Please feel free to add any other comments.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

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Date:2007-07-22 11:30
Mood: mellow

I have masses of photographs without envelopes. They got too old and damaged and had to be thrown out. I'm planning on sorting through them all at some stage and trying to organize them.

But I'd like to find an efficient, attractive way of doing so without using albums.

I'd like to have two categories for them, the good photos and the bad. So I'll need to double up on storage.

I'm also thinking about what the best way to organize the negatives would be.

Suggestions welcome.

PS: I've already started organizing my wardrobe, by buying various types of hangers which help maximize the amount of space in there. Multi-purpose ones. I've made a start on the kitchen cupboards. Getting stackable tupperware week by week. Makes things easier to find and get at. I've also given away some excess Xmas ornaments and a dying potplant to a friend, who is convinced he can nurse it back to health.

PPS: I'm always keen to make new friends, so feel free to add me if you wish.

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Date:2007-07-15 02:20
Subject:Looong cleaning spree post

So I've been kind of down lately.  One of the things bugging me has been the state of my house.  My sister Merrick asked how she could help.   She is not allowed to clean things in my house as important things (such as my Red Sox hat) end up in odd places and not found for months.  So she offered to take the kids so I could focus on getting the house clean and finding a place for things, even if it took me all week.  After  thinking about it for an hour, I decided to take her up on it. So we packed up both kids, and their stuff.

My mom was supposed to come down and help me go through all the kids clothes in the house, and sort and bag them for passing on, well she's the walking dead.  My friend Sherri, msgd me  about when I found out and offered to come over and help.  She came over and suggested I make out a list of everything I want to get done while the kids are gone.  

Quite a list no?   No I'm not trying to do it all in one day, that would be insane. 

In the last 4 hours(with sherri's help she is TEH AWESOME):
  • Sent E-cards
  • Cleaned Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cleaned and organized my pantry
  • Did 80% of dishes
  • Cleaned Microwave (inside/out)
  • Cleaned and organized microwave stand
  • Cleaned sides of stove
  • Cleaned drawers
  • Pulled everything out of drawers and cabinets
I am going to wash all the cookware and utensils I pulled from the drawers and cabinets, and then Sherri said she would re-organize my kitchen for me.  Once that is done the other task we plan on doing tonight is the sorting/bagging of baby clothes.

I'll be updating the list in my personal journal as I get things done, and will probably be making mini posts with new progress throughout the next few days :D

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Date:2007-07-05 10:38
Subject:Progress as of 11am

So due to my father and grandmother arriving a whole week earlier than planned (it was written right on MY calendar, not his).  I went into crisis cleaning mode this morning.

  • Failed at my wakeup time
  • got up
  • made the bed
  • showered, fixed my hair and got dressed to the shoes
  • did swish and swipe
  • emptied my dishrack
  • checked my calendar
  • hit my hotspots
  • ate breakfast
Thats all from my normal routine... In addition I also:
  • 15 minutes in the kitchen
  • 15 minutes in the living room
  • 15 minutes in the bathroom (which makes it almost done its small)
  • 15 in the dining room
  • 15 in the bedroom
I also did a 27 fling boogie in each room.  I can already see a dramatic difference.  

(cross posted to my personal journal and flylady)

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Date:2007-07-03 07:46

Seems to be pretty dead in here.  Oh well.   Fell off the wagon, and you can definitely tell the difference.   And in the process my CJ got destroyed. So last night when shopping, picked up supplies to make a new one.  One step at a time

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Date:2007-03-13 20:46
Subject:baby steps

Yesterday I did this baby step

threw away 4 books
put two 1 ft high stacks of books in paper bags - for putting in my car to to take to a used bookstore
threw away a bunch of old empty file folders,
threw away two power sources

Today I

stopped by the bookstore on my way home & sold all but two of those books.
pulled a bunch of foreign languge books & tapes out of a box in the living room (the box is still there, still half full - I absolve myself of the need to empty a whole box at one go ...)
- wrote a partial description of the items for posting on freecycle.

that's enough for tonight.

another baby step

I love baby steps.

Thank you Fly Lady

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Date:2007-03-12 11:06
Subject:reducing my stuff - baby steps

Hello Everybody

I recently got aaalll my stuff out of storage - now its all in one place, so that's good. Last year I did a big declutter. I had been moving & in boxes since 2001. So, I had this big declutter last year already, & for various reasons, I'm really having a hard time getting started on round 2.

Does anybody else here have any big projects that they have to baby-step thier way thru? Especially ones that they are having a hard time starting? but that they really *want* to get started on...?

the detailsCollapse )

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Date:2007-02-08 13:43
Subject:Bathtub Overhaul

Does anyone remember seeing something on the flylady website where it suggested a good way to give your bathtub an overhaul cleaning?

I think it involved filling your bathtub with water & something else... bleech? vinegar? something....

Does anyone remember what it was, or where to find it on the webpage?
I am having no luck.

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Date:2006-12-30 15:54
Subject:new years resolution
Mood: determined

One of my main New Years resolutions this year is to get the flylady system working for me. I started it almost 3 years ago. I was pregnant with my son at the time. It worked till he got here and then any kind of schedule went bye-bye. Then I got preg with my daughter when he was 8 months old. That pregnancy was AWFUL. I was in the bathroom alot. Not to mention tired and chasing a toddler. When Danielle got here she had some problems with jaundice, then acid reflux, then colic, and then she started teething. She is 11 months and still is up 1-2 times a night. However it is getting better all the time and I am confident that I can now get my house under control. My Hubby is going to move to dayshift after 8 years of nights and swing shifts. I am excited for this new year. I WILL FLY!!!

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Date:2006-12-23 22:54

Hi Friends!

Just wanted to check in since it's been awhile!  I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the holiday spirit!  :)

I've been "Spring Cleaning" in late December!  LOL   This week I've tackled the kitchen, the bedroom and the linen closet.

The Kitchen:  The easiest room for me to organize, but still had lots to do in there!  Took me most of the day and lots of garbage bags later, but it's pretty presentable now!  :)  (Gotta give the floor a good washing though!)

The Bedroom: Was a disaster!!!  Took me HOURS!!!  I still have one corner to declutter and my night stand, but you can actually see the floor now and won't trip and kill yourself when you get out of bed!!  (The closet still has to be done!)

The Linen Closet:  Avalanche waiting to happen!!!  I did this today and it took me about an hour and half.  I wish I would have taken before/after photos b/c there's such a major difference!!  I threw out a huge garbage bag worth of junk!   

My last room to start on is the living room/small dining area -- I did a little bit today, but there are just too many hot spots to count here!   I'm really dreading this!  Actually, the bedroom was worse, so this should be a lot easier.   

I feel SO much better when I look around and see the progress that has been made.   :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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Date:2006-11-25 03:13
Subject:A "I know there is no such thing as a dumb question" question

I am a flybaby that is back to "jumping in now" for the tenth time or so. I am not at all good at it, but I am trying. Anyway, my question is:

How often do you change your vaccuum bag?
When do you know it is time to change the bag?

I guess it is one of those things that I never learned from my Mom and have no idea.


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Date:2006-10-27 09:55

Does anyone know of a MissusSmartyPants community on LJ? I think it would be really cool to interact with people who are also getting Leslie's emails and suggestions...and since it is a flybaby program, wanted to ask here. ~April


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